success stories by the girls and young women.

Le Nhu

My name is Le Nhu. Growing up in a difficult situation gave me a strong motivation. My parents who are manual laborers, always worked hard for their children’s education. Up to now they always seemed to be supermen, but in fact they’re not healthy. When we faced financial problems, I asked myself, “What could I do? Will I get through?” especially when I entered university.

When I started receiving meaningful gifts from teachers, sponsors, and the warm-hearted among them, a WEAV Scholarship, then I understood their love and hope, and especially my parents’ sacrifices. I will attempt my best to become a person who is intellectual, helps others in the community, and remind myself that “I can do it.” The word thanks is not really enough, but I will always share my heart with all who I meet in life.


Do Thi Quyen

I’m twenty years old. I am a second year student at Saigon University, majoring in early childhood education. My parents are divorced. My mother and I sold lottery tickets in Saigon to feed my brothers and sisters. I lived at an orphanage called Thu Duc Youth Village. I dreamed of becoming a kindergarten teacher but did not see the chance for college due to my poor situation. You have no idea how grateful I feel to WEAV that I can continue my college study. This opportunity has made me stronger and more mature than the others. I will try my best at learning, working to become a good teacher for children, do good for the community and help others.

Nguyen Thi Bao Tram

My name is Nguyen Thi Bao Tram. I am a first grade teacher at Cai Tac primary school. A WEAV scholarship allowed me to graduate from Can Tho Teacher training college in 2015. I was ready to quittng school to get a job to help my family after my mom died. If not for WEAV scholarship, I would not have realized my dream of teaching. Your scholarship is a great encouragement that motivated me and other poor girls. I will use this teaching position to introduce poor girls to WEAV so that they can continue in school. This is my pupil Nguyen Thi My Hanh who is in a very difficult situation. Her father died young and mother works so hard but cannot earn enough support her, her brother and her old and sickly grandmother My Hanh has the opportunity through WEAV to continue school.

Cam Tu

My name is Cam Tu and I am a high school senior. I received WEAV scholarships since grade 7. I am a singer and dancer and have performed as M.C. at all six WEAV scholarship ceremonies at Thanh Hoa School The pictures show me in 7th grade and in 11th grade. There are so many more girl scholars now this time compared to the first awards in 2011. WEAV has been so important to me and my family. Next, I hope WEAV can help my complete a college degree in hospitality management.


My name is Tuong. I am WEAV’s first college graduate! I was ready to drop out of college because of family hardship. I qualified for a WEAV scholarship. I was so tearful when I received my first of four scholarships. I am a group leader in a manufacturing plant in an industrial zone in the Mekong Delta. WEAV changed my life!

Nguyen Thi Nhu Y

I’m a senior at Can Tho University and my major is biotechnology. I am the youngest in a big family. My parents are farmers and every morning my mother goes to market by bike to sell vegetables while my father bicycles old women to the market and children to school. My dream is become a scientist because I want to research herbal cancer treatments.

I have to worked at many jobs to stay in college and to make things easier for my family. Your WEAV scholarship helps me spend more time studying. Thank you.

Thanh Thao speaks for the scholarship recipients at Tu Duc Orphanage

I would like to express our deep gratitude to the Board of WEAV. For the past years your scholarships have helped us buy school supplies and paid for tutoring so that we could study better. WEAV has sent us to junior and senior high school and two of us to college. It is great that somewhere in society there are people like you to help those of us who face hard times and wish to study so our lives will be improved. We are all so thankful.