Let Vietnamese Girls Learn!

Become part of the long term solution!

Join us in closing the education gender gap. Together, we can create lasting sustainable change. Learn how you can get involved. To contact WEAV, visit our contact page.

  • Schools and Universities (contact [email protected]).
  • Partner with Women’s Empowerment and Voice to give the gift of education and learn about Vietnam.
  • Sponsor an event in your home (contact [email protected]).
  • Bring a few friends together to talk about WEAV. One of us will try to join you!
  • Vietnamese, Vietnamese Americans, and Vietnam Veterans (contact [email protected])
  • Spread the word about our scholarship programs and help us identify additional opportunities in Vietnam for WEAV programs.
  • Businesses (contact [email protected]).
  • Promote your company’s commitment to social responsibility and generosity while working to close the global gender gap in education.
  • Volunteer for WEAV (contact [email protected])
  • Give your time with Women’s Empowerment and Voice and be a change agent for girls.